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Cash-Ads Review Scam Or Paying

Make Money CPM

Cash-Ads Review Scam Or Paying

Cash-Ads Review Scam Or Paying

Cash-Ads Review Scam Or Paying – cash-ads.com adalah jaringan iklan yang membayar Anda dengan poin dengan memasang banner mereka di situs Anda. Anda akan mendapatkan poin untuk setiap tampilan unik dari banner dan poin-poin ini akan dikonversi ke USD setiap awal bulan.

CPM Cash-Ads

Setiap bulan ketika Anda mendapatkan poin untuk setiap view nya. Poin-poin ini akan secara otomatis dikonversi ke USD (Berdasarkan CPM terbaru) pada tanggal 1 setiap bulan berikutnya.

(1 Poin = 1 Pengunjung untuk situs web / URL Anda).

Cash-Ads Review Scam Or Paying
CPM cash-ads.com – 13 July 2020

Ad Formats

  • Banner, (468×60 , 728×90, 160×600, 300×250)
  • Direct-Link,
  • Counter
  • PTP Link

New features

  • Higher CPM rates for each publisher
  • 100% controlled by AI for best performance
  • 100% automatic adding website support if you enable this service. Our AI will add you website(s) automatic to your account and you see statistics for each website and total (Dashboard)
  • Calculated daily view rate to optimize your ad place
  • Calculated today views (approx.) to adjust your traffic
  • Ad format Layer will be responsive for mobile, tablet, PC and other formats (like game consoles)
  • Longer range of statistics (increased days)
  • Guide for beginners and newcomers for web advertising
  • New and easy design in dark mode
  • See average details for processes like ticket system response time and much more
  • Every 7 days converting views to USD automatic by our AI. Do not wait a month to let convert your views to USD.
  • Company support: If you have a company our use our codes in an ad network, you can enter your company details if you need (for Tax ex.)
  • And much more!


Cash-Ads Review Payment Proof
Cash-Ads Review Payment Proof
Tipe jaringanCPM
Format IklanBanner, Direct-Link, Counter, PTP Link
Frekuensi pembayaranOn Request
Pembayaran Minimum10 USD
Payment ProcessorPaypal
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Cash-Ads Review Scam Or Paying


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